Black Hog Saloon
Aruba's finest entertainment center

Aruba Resorts

Aruba is the perfect vacation destination.

But you haven’t been in Aruba if you haven’t visited The Black Hog Saloon.

Here you can find something to do for everybody.

Whether you are looking for fine dining, gaming or sports, The Black Hog Saloon offers it all.

Enjoy our world famous BBQ Bash, which includes free drinks, all you can eat delicious BBQ and live entertainment (bar stool racing, spectacular Harley Show).

You can find The Black Hog Saloon across from the La Cabana Resort.

You can also find Alfredo’s Restaurant at The Black Hog Saloon.

If you are craving mouth watering Italian food, this is the place to be while on Aruba vacations.

The Black Hog Saloon is also the home of Joe Mendes’ Adventure Golf.

This is the world’s largest miniature golf course.

You can find two 18 hole miniature golf courses, on both a beginners and expert level.

You can find it all at The Black Hog Saloon, right across from the La Cabana Resort, featuring all you can eat BBQ.

FREE Draft Beer/Soft Drinks, Live Entertainment, Authentic T-shirts, caps, jackets and much more can be bought here.

Italian restaurant in Aruba. Alfredo’s Ristorante. Just like Boston’s north end.

The world’s largest miniature golf course right here in Aruba.

Aruba’s biggest game room, with a wide variety of arcade games for all ages.

This can all be enjoyed during an Aruba vacation.

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